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12 mai Our commitments

Since the industy « Le Temps Suspendu »‘s creation, we have chosen to limit our impact on the environment (from the building of the treehouses to their daily management). We also have the wish to raise awarness among our treehousers in order to discover Nature. As Nicolas Hulot said, we also believe that « amazement is the first step to respect ».

Supported by the trees trunk and branches, our houses are suspended or built on piles from 3 to 7 meters high. Our treehouses have no current water or electricity, so they may offer the original charm of a night far away from modernity and its flood of electronic devices.

But they do have ecological toilets. This way, their is zero energy consumption in our Treehouses. There is a 10L water reserve in each house with a sink that is totally enough to wash your hands and rush your teeth.

Squeezed in nature, far from the noise of the city, each Treehouse is built with an absolute respect of the tree that supports it. This « ephemeral » building is entirely reversible : in case of the houses disassembly, the place il left exactly in the same condition than before the construction.

Designed as a real perched nest, the Treehouse is perfectly integrated in its environment. The harmony between the house and the surrounding nature is essential to preserve its natural environment at its best.

All the trees were not able to welcome the construction of a house. The first step was to make a phytosanitary audit of the trees to select the ones that could be used for construction without obtructing its natural development. A forest expert has made density tests on the chosen trees. The same expert will control also every year, the sanitary condition of the trees and their evolution.

Any living branch have been cut. It is really the house that adopt the convolution of the tree and not the contrary. The constructor chosen to build our houses is called « Nid Perché » and has a great experience of this particular profession.

The plans and equipment of every caban were made by taking in count precise security criterias. Every hut has a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher. The access handrails are secured with drop guard nets that are appropriate to our Treehouse guests.

After construction is completed, its terrace and accesses are evaluated by the SEREC technical inspectors. Its an independant organization specialized in control of the required rules respects for installations such as children play areas, or adventure pathes on trees and treehouses.

As far as possible, we offer products coming from ecological agriculture which comes all from local producers. We recycle all the garbage and we have our own composter for the green wastes and the ecological toilets. The compost be used after for our own little vegetable garden.

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