The Seventh Heaven treehouse – Treehouse for two people

Our most romantic treehouse…

The Seventh Heaven treehouse is a treehouse located 7 m off the ground in a gorgeous cedar tree that is more than 150 years old. Like all our treehouses, it has no running water , but it does have a composting toilet. Each and every treehouse has a water reserve so you can brush your teeth and wash hands. You’ll find in the castle two bathrooms open from 8 am until 8 pm. A wooden spiral staircase leads up to the entrance.

The Seventh Heaven treehouse is ideal for lovers looking for a unique, romantic night “between sky and earth”…

The Seventh Heaven treehouse has a charming, large round bed that measures 220 cm across and will have your head spinning!

From your treehouse, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the Gave d’Oloron and the French gardens of the Château de Laàs.
The deck is furnished with a small table and chairs, as well as a swing that provides the perfect place to read a book.

And to make the most of your evening in the treehouse, you can reserve meal baskets for dinner or cocktail baskets.

And if the nights are cool, you can use the  heater to keep your treehouse nice and cosy.

Our two other couple’s treehouses

Le Temps Suspendu also offers two more treehouses for couples: the Pyrenees treehouse (a second treehouse with a hanging net in the middle of the deck) and the “Shibumi” ecolodge (a Japanese-inspired cabin with panoramic views of the Gave d’Oloron and the Pyrenees).

Shibumi Ecolodge

Shibumi Ecolodge

A Japanese cabin on the edge of a cliff

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Pyrenees Treehouse

Pyrenees Treehouse

A treehouse with a splendid view of the Pyrenees

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A gift voucher for a night as large as life

And why not give your loved ones a gift voucher for a night in the Seventh Heaven treehouse (or in another treehouse)?

It couldn’t be easier. Just order a gift voucher valid for two years from the gift voucher page to sleep in the treetops.

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The facts…

Capacity: 2 people

Height: 7 m

Access: Spiral staircase

Minimum age: 8 years

The advantages: a round bed measuring 220 cm in diameter and a deck built into the branches of a majestic cedar tree