The Great Bear treehouse – Family treehouse

The kids’ favourite treehouse!

The Great Bear treehouse is a treehouse 3 m off the ground, but its deck is set above a steep incline of more than 15 m. You’ll feel much higher up as you enjoy the sweeping views of the flora and fauna.

Five people can sleep in this treehouse (one double bed, one twin bed, and two bunk beds) including children aged 2 and older. Like all our treehouses, it has no running water or electricity, but it does have a composting toilet. Each and every treehouse has a water reserve so you can brush your teeth and wash hands. You’ll find in the castle two bathrooms open from 8 am until 8 pm.

The theme of this treehouse is bears, a protected species that was reintroduced in the Pyrenees twenty years ago. There are many books to teach you about the life of this emblematic animal, or just to enjoy reading with your children! You can also watch the stars, and of course the great bear of the sky, Ursa Major, with the telescope.

The Great Bear treehouse is located in the upper grounds of the Château de Laàs, in the English gardens. It has a vast deck with deckchairs to enjoy the sunshine to the gentle noise of the Gave d’Oloron, which can be seen between the branches.

For dinner, you can choose between trying the local cuisine at L’Auberge de la Fontaine, bringing a picnic, or ordering a meal basket composed solely of local products that you can partake of on your deck with the sunset in the background.

After a night that we hope is as magical as possible, Tinkerbell will let you know that we’ve dropped off your breakfast at the entrance to your treehouse. Your children need only pull on the rope to hoist it up to your deck.

Are you afraid of feeling cold? Not to worry! We install a propane space heater as soon as the mercury starts to fall to keep you nice and toasty as you hibernate for a night in your “den”.

A second treehouse for families

Le Temps Suspendu also offers a second treehouse designed for families. This one is shaped like a castle: the Knights’ treehouse.

Knights’ treehouse (2 to 5 people)

Knights’ treehouse (2 to 5 people)

A little fortified castle in the treetops!

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A gift voucher for a night as large as life

Do you want to give the gift of a night in the Great Bear treehouse (or in another treehouse), without having to choose your date quite yet?

No problem. Just order a gift voucher valid two years, all year round. Wait no longer – check out the variety of packages we offer on the page for gift vouchers for sleeping in the treetops.

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The facts…

Capacity: 5 people

Height: 3 m (impression: 15 m)

Access: Wooden staircase

Minimum age: 2 years

The advantages: a deck towering above the forest and sweeping views of the canopy