The Knights’ treehouse – treehouse for 5 people

A little castle in the treetops!

The Knights’ Treehouse is a 3 m high house on stilts that gives you the impression of being higher up off the ground (6 m) since its deck is built above a slope.

This treehouse seems born of a child’s dream, with its towers that recall fortified castles and the decoration straight out of Game of Thrones (dragons, swords, etc.). It can accommodate up to 5 people (one double bed, two bunk beds, and one twin bed) including little knights and princesses starting at age 2.

The Knights’ treehouse is in a quiet location on the lower grounds of the Château de Laàs. It is surrounded by trees, including a magnificent tulip poplar measuring over 40 m high that grows through the deck and blooms in the spring. The treehouse’s deck is an excellent spot from which to observe the surrounding fauna (squirrels, robins, titmice, green woodpeckers, etc.).

About 50 m from the treehouse lies a small, private, natural beach where you can lounge on the sand on the banks of the Gave. But beware: swimming is not allowed, as the Gave d’Oloron can be dangerous.

Like all of our treehouses, the Knights’ treehouse has no running water or electricity, but it does have a composting toilet: fear not, brave knights: the “king’s throne” is perfectly clean and completely odourless!
To ensure you make the most of your treehouse, we offer dinner baskets with local products. You can enjoy a picnic on your deck, by candlelight if you wish…

After a restful night, lulled by the babbling of the Gave d’Oloron, your kids can hoist the breakfast basket up to the treehouse using a clever pulley.

And if the nights are nippy, you’ll be given a propane space heater to ensure your surroundings remain cosy.
Each and every treehouse has a water reserve so you can brush your teeth and wash hands, and composting toilet. You’ll find in the castle two bathrooms open from 8 am until 8 pm.

A second treehouse for families

The Knight’s treehouse isn’t available anymore? No problem! Discover our second family treehouse: the Great Bear treehouse.

Great Bear Treehouse (2 to 5 people)

Great Bear Treehouse (2 to 5 people)

The perfect treehouse for stargazing as a family.

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A gift voucher for a night as large as life

Want to give a gift voucher for a night in the Knight’s treehouse?
It couldn’t be easier! Just choose the package you want to give, depending on the number of people who will sleep in the treehouse, and select your options (dinner baskets, cocktail baskets, etc.).
Our gift vouchers are valid for two years from the date of purchase.

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The facts…

Capacity: 5 people

Height: 3m (impression: 6m)

Access: Wooden staircase

Minimum age: 2 years

The advantages: a treehouse shaped like a castle for knights and princesses