Escape Castle

“Escape Castle” – the name of the game says it all!

For the first time in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Escape Castle provides Escape Game rooms in an authentic seventeenth-century castle: unique décor for total immersion. New rooms in the castle, which were previously closed to the public, have been restored to offer you a host of surprises…

You have 60 minutes (and not a minute more!) to solve the riddles and pull off your escape from the room. Find the clues, search every nook and cranny, and get the wheels turning in your mind to reach your goal. Your best friend is the “game master” who is watching you and communicates with you!

“Climb the steps of the long wooden staircase to reach the office of Professor Gumbulus, the famous magician from the Poudlaàs Sorcerer’s Academy! You are now sorcerers’ apprentices attempting to get into the prestigious Academy. Magic and witchcraft are on the menu!”

A trepidatious experience to have as a team!

And what a team! The best will make the most of their logic, creativity, collective intelligence, and remarkable teamwork! You can live the adventure in teams of two to five people age 8 and over, as long as an adult over age 18 is present. Escape Castle is also ideal for company team-building events, or even as a last step in the hiring process – recruitment 2.0 is here!

How can I make a reservation?

Just go to the Reservation tab on the Escape Castle website! All the available times will appear so that you can book your session.